About us

AGP Medical is a highly professional specialized purchase organization fully covering Czech Republic and Slovakia providing top class solutions to leading Czech and Slovak hospitals in the field of medical devices.

We mainly focus on interventional radiology and related parts of surgical products with an extra focus on new technologies and procedures.

The company has gained deep experience, contacts and professional relations with many decision makers and key physicians within and beyond these specialties. AGP has a strong experience in local specific processes such as procedure and product registration, reimbursement processes, regulatory compliance, fast custom clearance and local distribution; tenders, product feed-backing and etc processes.

AGP Medical has its own dedicated sales force with over 100y joined experience in selling innovative medical devices and providing comprehensive solutions to wide variety of professional communities helping to improve patients’ life as well as health industry economics.

Covering both Czech and Slovak markets by a single contract with a single ship-to point is therefore an attractive option for innovative med-dev producers seeking an experienced distribution partnership in both countries.

Please note that high ethics approach is a cornerstone of everything we do.

To contact us please use: info@agpmedical.cz

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